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By Thomas Connelly on

You only live once


Photographs of this bizarre hording were doing the rounds on both Imgur and Instagram last week. Combining a hashtag with the youth-inspired acronym for “you only live once” (YOLO) — the advertisement encourages passers-by to “get a divorce”.

Legal Cheek ran the telephone number through a search engine, producing returns for Chicago-based law firm Koch & Associates, which is billed as specialist attorneys for divorce, bankruptcy and real estate work.

And as for the rock climber dangling off the cliff in the background? Presumably the empowering message for women is that life is going to be hugely exciting now that you are single again.

Which is much more positive than a campaign that ran in London in 2001. Then, City family law niche practice Brookman got into hot water for a series of adverts it placed above the urinals in the gentlemen’s lavatories of Square Mile pubs.

They read, quite simply: “Ditch the bitch.” To be fair, the firm also hit the ladies’ lavs with a slogan that read “All men are bastards!”

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