Morning round-up: Wednesday 4 February

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By Thomas Connelly on

The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts

newspapers4Harper Lee to publish To Kill a Mockingbird “sequel” [BBC News]

MPs vote in favour of “three-person embryo” law [The Guardian]

Cameron’s children: New Tory MPs will almost all be lawyers of businesspeople [The Independent]

British courts can impose whole-life prison sentences [BBC News]

“More women” joining Scottish legal profession [BBC News]

Portsmouth cannabis grower told police he was exercising his Magna Carta rights [The News]

Fred Talbot taken to hospital after falling over in court [The Guardian]

Robin Williams widow, children in legal battle over estate [Reuters]

Shock as brilliant law student “is shot by boyfriend who then turned pistol he bought at gun show on himself” [Mail Online]

Better Call Saul is coming, but will Breaking Bad spin-off be a Frasier or a Joey? [The Independent]

Residential conveyancing paralegal at Somerset based firm [Legal Cheek Jobs]

Law GIF [Facebook]

“It’s not just the Bar Council, however. The Inns of Court seriously need to re-think aspects of their scholarship funding system.” [Legal Cheek Comments]