The Mr Darcy of the bar is reported to have hooked up with a Hollywood star

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By Alex Aldridge on

Could Matrix Chambers’ Ben Emmerson QC be the new Amal?


Top human rights silk Ben Emmerson QC is reported to have followed in the footsteps of fellow barrister Amal Clooney and hooked up with a Hollywood star.

According to US gossip websites, the Matrix Chambers QC — who is rumoured to have been the inspiration for Bridget Jones’ barrister boyfriend Mark Darcy — is dating George Clooney’s actress pal Ellen Barkin after meeting her at George and Amal’s wedding in September last year. Newspaper websites, including the Mail Online and the Sydney Morning Herald, have since picked up the story.

Barkin, 60, is best known for her role in 2007 film Ocean’s Thirteen, in which she co-starred with George. She has also appeared in a string of other flicks, including The Big Easy and Sea of Love.

UsWeekly quotes an unnamed source holding court on the matter:

“Ellen met him at George and Amal’s wedding and they totally hit it off. It happened quickly but she’s totally fallen for him and flies to see him all the time. He is really handsome and smart and charming and swept her off her feet.”

The anonymous “insider” added that George and Amal have backed the new couple, explaining:

“George and Amal love them together! They both love Ellen and Ben so they think this is so great and love that they made a great match happen.”

However, UsWeekly‘s claim that Barkin and Emmerson, 51, have taken a step further and got engaged may not be correct, with rival E! News publishing a “statement” from another source which reads:

“Mr Emmerson is not engaged to Ellen Barkin.”

Human rights lawyer chatter on Twitter also suggests that the engagement gossip is false.

Maya Sikand, who is a public law barrister at Garden Court Chambers and seemingly in-the-know about the rumours, went on to explain:

“Take it from me, if you can, it’s a load of media codswallop! Time to focus on #humanrights!”