Research: lawyers most sought after profession for affairs because they’re good liars and pay attention to detail

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By Alex Aldridge on

Solicitors and barristers in hot demand on infidelity dating websites


Lawyers have bested politicians, salespeople and even actors to come out on top of a survey of the best profession to have an affair with.

The research was conducted by British infidelity dating website Illicit Encounters which questioned 2,000 of its members about what profession they considered the safest to embark on an extra-marital liaison with. Out of 40 occupations, lawyers came first with 27% of the votes.

A host of reasons were given for solicitors’ and barristers’ number one ranking. Some were darkly flattering, hinting at lawyers’ sinister brilliance and innate sexiness. They included: “they’re great liars”, “if they get caught, they can talk their way out of trouble” and “they’re stressed from their job so they have a lot of tension to release in bed”.

Other reasons focused on lawyers’ conscientiousness and general usefulness. For example, lawyers’ “attention to detail” was assumed to make them “better in bed” and their strong organisational skills were deemed to be useful for “organising discrete weekends away”. Solicitors and barristers’ actual legal skill, or at least network of divorce lawyer contacts, also made them attractive, with one pragmatic infidelity dater reflecting:

“If my partner finds out and leaves me, I have someone to take care of the divorce”

Not that a long term relationship would necessarily follow in such circumstances.

Although members of the legal profession are most sought after for affairs, only 2% of those surveyed would leave their current spouses for a lawyer.