Student ‘got a pupillage interview at Chancery set’ by legally analysing Shaggy rap on application form

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By Alex Aldridge on

But wannabe barrister’s subsequent gloating on Twitter was probably not a great idea


A law student has claimed to have secured a pupillage interview at a chancery set by penning a legal analysis of Shaggy’s 90s hit ‘It wasn’t me’ on her application form.

When asked to “persuade us of a proposition of your choosing” on what appears to be a top 30 chambers’ form, the student — who Legal Cheek has agreed not to name — rattled off this amusing defence of Shaggy, who is accused of infidelity in the classic track.


However, the wannabe barrister — who is currently doing the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) — may have scuppered her chances of securing a pupillage by boasting about her achievement on Twitter. She tweeted:

“Got a Pupillage interview with a chancery set… Based on this: #aretheydrunk”

pupillage interview-crop

The student insists the tweet, which has since been deleted, was just a joke, telling Legal Cheek:

“The tweet was not serious at all. It was purely a joke.”

Legal Cheek understands that the interview did not take place.