Student rage as hackers seize control of beloved law meme Facebook page

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By Thomas Connelly on

Hell hath no fury like a law student deprived of their memes


In April 2012 Australian law students Hamish Mishra and Shanil Lal created what was to become the most popular law student Facebook page to ever exist, with a huge UK following.

Since then Law School Memes‘ amusing meme-based critique of life as a law student has amassed the page a whopping 76,000 likes.

However, last week the fun suddenly stopped as the conveyor belt of law memes ground to a halt and the page began posting spammy, non-law related click-bait to its huge following.

With posts including “17 rookie mistakes people make after breaking up” and “People who won Snapchat” — it was a far cry from the usual quality legal memes.

Naturally, law students were not happy.

One accused the page of trying to jump on the BuzzFeed bandwagon.


Others correctly assumed there had been a hacking, and desperately ordered the page’s owners to restore their daily fix of law memes.


And one joker even warned of legal repercussions if the spamming continued.


Soon, the unfollowing began.


Happily, over the weekend the law student owners of the page seized control back from the hackers, and it’s now business as usual again.


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