Amal Clooney joins Columbia University as visiting lecturer

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Doughty Street human rights barrister bags prestigious New York gig


Amal Clooney is heading back to New York, the city where she worked for two years at the beginning of her career as a corporate lawyer with Sullivan & Cromwell.

The Doughty Street human rights barrister will take up a position as a visiting senior fellow with Columbia University Law School’s Human Rights Institute, which will see her give visiting lecturers over the spring to students at the Ivy League outfit.

The part-time nature of the role will enable Clooney to continue her bread and butter public law work in London, where she and her actor husband, George Clooney, are based.

In a statement on Columbia University Law School’s website, the illustrious institution said it was “thrilled” to have secured Clooney’s services. Head of the university’s Human Rights Institute Professor Sarah Cleveland commented:

“We are privileged to have an international human rights practitioner of Amal Clooney’s stature join our faculty. Her extensive experience advocating before U.N. and regional human rights mechanisms complements our existing offerings and will enrich the experience of our students.”

Amal was similarly chuffed to have secured the gig, saying:

“It is an honour to be invited as a visiting professor at Columbia Law School alongside such a distinguished faculty and talented student pool. I look forward to getting to know the next generation of human rights advocates studying here.”

The position dovetails nicely with hubby George’s schedule, with the silver fox set to film his latest movie, ‘Money Monster’, in New York this spring. It also could get Amal off the hook over the mini-pupillage which Kim Kardashian is reportedly badgering her to arrange back in London.



So what?


Kim Kardashian

Why the need to report Amal Clooney’s every move, Legal Cheek?


sceptical abt Denning

obviously it’s because she’s famous, but she’s also hugely talented and a role model for aspiring human rights lawyers. i’m cautious about imputing racist or sexist views to anyone, but it seems like there is a lot of criticism of her on here, for someone so distinguished. maybe people are uncomfortable with an ethnic minority woman being successful and admired. i say let’s hear more about her – we don’t often hear about the accomplishments of ethnic minority women, particularly in the legal press.


sceptical abt Denning

to clarify, I meant that Legal cheek reports on her because she’s famous – not that she got the fellowship because she’s famous.



Interesting though that we heard nothing about her before she married a film star…



I’ve noticed this too and completely agree with you, sceptical.


Not Amused

I consider all ‘human rights’ lawyers to be disingenuous attention obsessed halfwits quite regardless of race or gender.


Lawst Cause

Not to be rude but that seems a little harsh, how come you think that?


U Mad Brah

Amal Clooney gives my little Denning some solid wood.


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