Hogan Lovells releases revised retention rate of 72%

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By Thomas Connelly on

Two trainees who delayed decision to stay on at transatlantic giant accept places, one of which is a temporary role


Hogan Lovells has issued an updated spring 2015 retention rate after two trainees who delayed their acceptance of offers decided to stay with the firm.

The London office of the global firm will now hang on to 23 out of 32 of its trainees, rather than 21 as had been feared, giving it a retention rate of 72%.

However, one of those late-accepters is only on a three month contract, which the firm says is due to undisclosed personal circumstances.

This revised figure is still a decline from the firm’s 2014 retention figures of 78% and 77%, but by less than had been previously recorded and keeps the firm above the psychologically significant 70% mark.


News of Hogan Lovells’ retention rate leaked out early when it was reported last week by Lawyer2B that the firm had retained just 66% of its spring qualifiers.

A clarification was subsequently issued to this and other publications explaining that two trainees were still considering offers.