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By Thomas Connelly on

“Solicitors couldn’t give a XXXX for anyone else”


Barristers’ chambers have been traditionally somewhat conservative in their approach to marketing. But the cutting-edge lot at Yorkshire’s Broadway House Chambers break the mould.

Having a pop at the competition, a chambers-branded glass proclaims:

“Solicitors couldn’t give a XXXX for anyone else”.

But it all seems to be in good humour. A spokesman for the chambers strongly denied a report by legal blog RollOnFriday that the mug was made with a view to launching a direct access service in competition with law firms, stating that they were actually produced for a charity pub quiz event “exclusively for solicitors”.

He said the beer glasses were “a light-hearted way of helping our guests — many of whom will not have known each other — to ‘break the ice’ and have a fun, relaxing evening, and the slogan was a quite obvious tip-of-the-hat to a well known beer advert”.

Happily, the quiz raised £1,000 for the Manuel Bravo Project, a charity which provides legal advice and representation to vulnerable asylum seekers.

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