Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Friday 27 March

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The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts

newspapers4Germanwings faces legal fallout from plane crash [Time]

South Bank University law student cleared of of planning terror attack [BBC News]

LSE law academic Conor Gearty: “If I were Prime Minister I would spend one year speaking the truth about the UK and then resign” [The Independent]

Distraught employees seek legal advice over how to get compassionate leave from work after Zayn Malik quits One Direction [Metro]

Following yesterday’s Exclamation Mark-Gate, it emerges that Lord Denning did in fact use a screamer in a judgment [Twitter]

Diversity data impact “not at level hoped for” [Law Society Gazette]

The black spider memos are a victory for the rule of law and a warning to Prince Charles [The Guardian]

Gay cake row: Gareth Lee “felt unworthy” over Ashers refusal [BBC News]

Judge bans man from all online dating sites after punching a woman he met on the internet [Mail Online]

Law GIF [Facebook]

Financial services paralegal sought for premier law firm in Leeds [Legal Cheek Jobs]

“Pro Bono is not a force for good.” [Legal Cheek Comments]