Morning round-up: Monday 16 March

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By Thomas Connelly on

The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts

newspapers4The Ministry of Justice’s double standards on domestic violence [The Guardian]

Joshua Rozenberg: Legacy of a lay lord chancellor [Law Society Gazette]

Nick Clegg blocks terror laws banning extremists from universities [The Telegraph]

“Belle de Jour” sues ex-boyfriend for saying she wasn’t a prostitute [The Independent]

The Galloway Twitter libel saga rumbles on [Twitter]

David Cameron steps in after NHS whistleblower is pursued for £100,000 in costs after losing her case on legal technicality [The Independent]

Family law must change with the times [The Observer]

Blurred Lines lawyer rocks music industry again [New York Times]

The solicitor specialising in bitcoin litigation [Legal Futures]

Internet gaffe by US government as Dalston sharia law photo used in free speech ad [Mail Online]

Law GIF [Facebook]

Litigation paralegal role for highly regarded London law firm [Legal Cheek Jobs]

“I say fair play to the law student going for MP. Might breathe a bit of fresh life into the ‘profession'” [Legal Cheek Comments]