Social media prankster tries to start rave in law library

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By Thomas Connelly on

Students at Sydney University law library are so busy they hardly notice the jape


An Australian YouTube prankster has targeted law students in his latest rave-based stunt.

The stunt takes place in the law library of Sydney University, and begins with the prankster — who is called ‘SlenderTheMan’ — asking an unsuspecting law student for a spare pair of headphones.

Clearly not recognising the social media star — who has amassed a Facebook following of over 23,000 — the student advises him to borrow some from reception.

Ignoring her advice, SlenderTheMan reaches into his bag to reveal a portable speaker. He quickly plugs it into his phone before beginning a very intense one-man rave as music blares out around the library.

It’s clear at this point that the social media sensation has done his research, with his choice of track a remix of the 1995 Faithless hit ‘Insomnia’ — which most of the students in the room can no doubt relate to.

However the prankster’s attempt to get a reaction out of the legal hopefuls fails miserably. Despite the loud music and intense arm flailing, he only succeeds in eliciting the occasional glance from the focused law students. “You carry on, but I have vac-scheme to apply for,” their reaction seems to suggest.

Having completed his rave, SlenderTheMan — by now slightly unsettled — addresses the library, exclaiming “good study sesh guys!”, before scuttling away.

Nor has the video — which appeared on both Facebook and YouTube four days ago — impressed everyone on social media, with online criticism has forcing SlenderTheMan to clarify on his Facebook page that the stunt was intended to be “harmless fun”.