16 reasons why Doughty Street’s Tunde Okewale is the most followed barrister on Instagram

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Amal Clooney’s chambers colleague is rocking the Insta-verse


39 Essex Chambers’ Justine Thornton quietly joined Instagram the other day, and immediately hauled in an impressive 587 followers with 13 pictorial posts supporting her hubby’s campaign to lead the country.

It was good going by Mrs Ed Miliband but she has a long way to go before she matches Doughty Street junior barrister Tunde Okewale, who has amassed a whopping 5,242 Instagram followers.

With members of the bar typically preferring Twitter and solicitors going for LinkedIn, Okewale — who, incidentally, shares a chambers with fellow shrinking violet Amal Clooney — has made the legal Insta-verse his own. Here is how he did it.

1. He keeps his followers up to date even when he’s in court

2. Sometimes he makes these court snaps into memes

@UrbnLawyer: "Talk is cheap, until you hire a lawyer."

A photo posted by Tunde Okewale (@tundeokewale) on

3. He combines commuting pics with life tips

4. He has a personalised Archbold

5. He uses the incredible story of how he bagged a pupillage with a 2:2 from Westminster Uni after a tough start in life to inspire wannabe lawyers

6. His access to law project, Urban Lawyers, helps students get Inns of Court scholarships

7. Through Urban Lawyers Okewale also helps students to get training contracts

8. He’s not afraid to wear a beige polo neck under a blue checked suit

9. He’s not afraid to wear a pink polo neck under a pink suit

A photo posted by Tunde Okewale (@tundeokewale) on

10. Such fashions decisions have paid off and he has been voted one of GQ’s “35 coolest men”

11. He has a nice line in self-deprecatory humour

@_londons_very_own_ken – Act your wage

A photo posted by Tunde Okewale (@tundeokewale) on

12. He is in great shape

13. Sometimes he combines his love of sharp suits and fitness

14. He gets invited to events where Barack Obama is speaking

#TBT – National Prayer Breakfast with @barrack_obama_offical

A photo posted by Tunde Okewale (@tundeokewale) on

15. He’s good at getting you going in the morning

Every morning you have a choice: forget your dreams or live them. #MotivationalMondays #WhatWouldTundeSay

A photo posted by Tunde Okewale (@tundeokewale) on

16. He’s not afraid to reject the bar convention of faux-modesty and actually celebrate winning cases

#IfYourereadingThisItsTooLate #legendOnrepeat #goals #motivational #teamnodaysoff #teamwinning

A photo posted by Tunde Okewale (@tundeokewale) on

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Who’s his PR company?

Hyped to absolute fvck.



Conceited much? It suits him well though…..


Uncle Solicitor

Sire, your observations are quite on point.

I would say that is Ghaddaffi himself were a member of the Bar of London, he too would behave in like fashion, in fact, as a popinjay. The displaying of “medals”, thrones, and the like is quite the thing these days with those bereft of intellect or humility.



the yutes love him



Unlike you, I’m sure.





Gagarin's boot

“lethalbizzle”, “denchgang” and “teamnodaysoff” eh?

What a ridiculous, hashtag-spawning, meme-using, attention-whoring little douchebag.


U Mad Brah

Fuark, dat powerful rage. #umadbro



‘Lethalbizzle’ was the name of one of his followers. Check again. Lol! That gives us a hint on his target audience. #areyouintherightroom


The Real Niteowl

I cannot disagree.



Nick O'Brien

He appears to be in breach of section 41 of the Criminal Justice Act 1925, which forbids photography anywhere in a court building.
The act does not distinguish between a sitting or an empty court.



That’s a town hall not a courtroom. LOL! #clearlynotaworkinglawyer



Tunde, is that you mate?



Where on earth can you get Archbold embossed like that?



“From 2.2 to barrister who manages to misspell ‘October'”…


Young Barrister

I’m sorry, but I really hope this isn’t the way the junior end of the profession is heading.

I’m a barrister slightly younger than Tunde, and I use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Social media sites are a great resource for keeping up-to-date with legal news and good fun for communicating with other members of the profession. But what is he hoping to achieve by having someone take a photo of him “emerging” from Chambers, gazing into the distance? What is he hoping to achieve by constantly posting photos of himself alongside various items of clothing that he’s wearing that day? One look at his Instagram account tells you precisely why he’s “the most followed barrister on Instagram”: because he puts himself—and most often his appearance—at the centre of the vast majority of his posts. #WhatWouldTundeDo? #WhatWouldTundeWear? Really?

Running a project to help disadvantaged prospective entrants to the Bar and being a success story in and of himself are, of course, admirable things. But that’s not what gets someone 5,242 Instagram followers. Sadly, shouting from the rooftops, “Look how attractive/cool/stylish/successful I am!”, “Look at how much I can lift in the gym!” and “Look at how much I do for other people!” does. What happened to just doing something because it’s a nice thing, or the right thing, to do?

As for point 16 of the article, what on Earth is wrong with displaying modesty (whether genuinely or not) when winning? It shows respect to an opponent and the feelings of both parties in what is often an emotional and straining process. Humility in victory is something most of us teach our children, for goodness sake.

That this is celebrated is a sad thing.


Rulia Jobberts




Please don’t hate! Appreciate ones work and through that a blessing shall fall unto you I’m not a barrister yet, I struggled with my previous degree,however Tunde has inspired me to go beyond my imagination.


Young Barrister

“Hate” is a strong word, and does not in any way apply to my feelings on the matter. I probably would appreciate Tunde’s work, but I don’t know much about it—unlike his clothes, appearance and physical fitness. How about more quotations and life stories from people he’s helped instead of the same old pseudo-celebrity stuff?



Fame hungry barrister meets media obsessed chambers.



Don’t know what life is like in London but the man would be crucified on circuit.



Single, old, no life……….nuff said.



Tunde, we know that is you.


sceptical abt Denning

so, are you guys jealous of him, or just bitter?


David Dimbleby

Hmmm…..self promotion has its limits. Better to focus on showing how he has helped his clients. But, good for him to be so confident in his use of social media and not being afraid to be out there. Just maybe needs to redirect that energy a bit.


Sir Viv

Well he gets noticed doesn’t he.

If it helps him get work and the clients like it then who cares. If he is good then presumably he gets reinstructed. You get found out in the end.

Much rather have this guy in my chambers bringing in work then a 45 year old barrister with no practice complaining to the clerks that they have no practice because they haven’t given a thought to promoting themselves in over 20 years except for the token lecture put on by chambers once a year.

Personally, it is an important job being a barrister that doesn’t necessarily make you important. I am sceptical of all professionals who have too high a regard for themselves because there is so much to know that you have to stay humble to keep questioning every assumption you make as you can so easily be wrong. I’m not saying that Mr Okewale isn’t humble and conscientious. You could argue that such meticulous grooming demonstrates a keen eye for detail!


Not Amused

Live and let live. But I’m surprisingly happy not being amused.



Wow the bitterness in these comments! At least give the man credit where it’s due. Let people live and do well, you don’t have to like it but be respectful. If he inspires someone to go and change their life or not give up isn’t that the main thing?! Or are we just going to sit here type and criticise?!


Young Barrister

I agree it’s important to give him credit for his achievements and how he’s inspired others. But judging from the above, that very much forms the backdrop of his Instagram account. I hope he’s inspiring baby barristers following him on Instagram to join the profession because of the good and interesting work they can do—as opposed to the way they’ll be able to dress and lifestyle they’ll (supposedly) be able to lead—but I’m not so sure.



Went to London Met not Westminster…



Quelle difference.



Laughable #Clown #Insecure


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