16 reasons why Doughty Street’s Tunde Okewale is the most followed barrister on Instagram

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By Alex Aldridge on

Amal Clooney’s chambers colleague is rocking the Insta-verse


39 Essex Chambers’ Justine Thornton quietly joined Instagram the other day, and immediately hauled in an impressive 587 followers with 13 pictorial posts supporting her hubby’s campaign to lead the country.

It was good going by Mrs Ed Miliband but she has a long way to go before she matches Doughty Street junior barrister Tunde Okewale, who has amassed a whopping 5,242 Instagram followers.

With members of the bar typically preferring Twitter and solicitors going for LinkedIn, Okewale — who, incidentally, shares a chambers with fellow shrinking violet Amal Clooney — has made the legal Insta-verse his own. Here is how he did it.

1. He keeps his followers up to date even when he’s in court

2. Sometimes he makes these court snaps into memes

@UrbnLawyer: "Talk is cheap, until you hire a lawyer."

A photo posted by Tunde Okewale (@tundeokewale) on

3. He combines commuting pics with life tips

4. He has a personalised Archbold

5. He uses the incredible story of how he bagged a pupillage with a 2:2 from Westminster Uni after a tough start in life to inspire wannabe lawyers

6. His access to law project, Urban Lawyers, helps students get Inns of Court scholarships

7. Through Urban Lawyers Okewale also helps students to get training contracts

8. He’s not afraid to wear a beige polo neck under a blue checked suit

9. He’s not afraid to wear a pink polo neck under a pink suit

A photo posted by Tunde Okewale (@tundeokewale) on

10. Such fashions decisions have paid off and he has been voted one of GQ’s “35 coolest men”

11. He has a nice line in self-deprecatory humour

@_londons_very_own_ken – Act your wage

A photo posted by Tunde Okewale (@tundeokewale) on

12. He is in great shape

13. Sometimes he combines his love of sharp suits and fitness

14. He gets invited to events where Barack Obama is speaking

#TBT – National Prayer Breakfast with @barrack_obama_offical

A photo posted by Tunde Okewale (@tundeokewale) on

15. He’s good at getting you going in the morning

Every morning you have a choice: forget your dreams or live them. #MotivationalMondays #WhatWouldTundeSay

A photo posted by Tunde Okewale (@tundeokewale) on

16. He’s not afraid to reject the bar convention of faux-modesty and actually celebrate winning cases

#IfYourereadingThisItsTooLate #legendOnrepeat #goals #motivational #teamnodaysoff #teamwinning

A photo posted by Tunde Okewale (@tundeokewale) on

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