Labour politicians don’t want to talk about their vague legal aid manifesto pledge on Twitter

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By Alex Aldridge on

Key opposition figures fail to respond to leading legal tweeter David Allen Green


Labour published its manifesto today. The bit about the legal system was almost entirely contained in three paragraphs on pages 66-68.

Journalist and lawyer David Allen Green, who tweets as Jack of Kent, summarised it in five tweets:

In conclusion, as Green noted, Labour is making a specific commitment regarding the Human Rights Act (HRA) and the Freedom of Information Act (FOI), a general commitment on judicial review, and making “positive noises” over access to justice while being very vague about legal aid.

Describing this as “odd”, Green then set about trying to get some answers to the legal aid question from the Labour justice bigwigs on Twitter — @ing into his tweets shadow solicitor general Karl Turner, shadow attorney general Willy Bach, shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan and shadow justice minister Andy Slaughter.

They ignored him. And they kept ignoring him …

At the time of publication of this story, none had responded. Read the Labour Manifesto here. The parts about the legal system are on pages 66-68 and page 53.