Meet the solicitor-pop star more popular than her magic circle law firm

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Slaughter and May pop star associate puts her firm in social media shadows with latest catchy release


Slaughter and May associate Serena Kern could teach the firm’s marketing department (such as it is) a thing or two — the lawyer-turned-pop-star has amassed a loyal following of more than 57,000 on Facebook alone.

Kern — who’s been an associate at S&M since 2013 — hasn’t let the crippling hours of corporate law stand in the way of her pop career. According to music hosting site SoundCloud, she has produced 13 tracks including “Better To Have Loved”, “My Promise” and rather appropriately for those in corporate law “When I Cry”.

Her latest release to keep fans satisfied is “Dream” (embedded below), featuring London-based Asian music and Bollywood specialist producer Rishi Rich.

Law firm envy

The Swiss-Indian songwriter, who studied law at the London School of Economics in 2007 before going on to do the Legal Practice Course at BPP, has developed a social media presence that is sure to be the envy of any law firm — apart from her own, which has a history of not giving a monkey’s.


Facebook groupies aside — and even with just 173 followers on Twitter — Kern easily beats Slaughter’s tally. The firm’s Twitter following languishes on a big fat zero, despite the magic circle practice joining the site back in 2009. This is because the partners opted to protected their account and ignore all follow requests.

Dozy marketing team

Meanwhile, the Slaughter and May Facebook presence is somewhat better, with a following of 2,688 — but that’s still 54,000 behind its stardust associate.

It’s not clear whether Kern wishes to pursue a music career full time. But if she does decided to leave S&M, Legal Cheek suggests that she wakes up the marketing team on the way out.

Watch the preview of Kern’s latest track, ‘Dream’, below: