Morning round-up: Tuesday 21 April

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By Thomas Connelly on

The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts

newspapers4Handshakes and curry: canvassing with Keir Starmer in a dream Labour seat [The Guardian]

The “most dangerous woman in the world” (Nicola Sturgeon) is a former solicitor [Mail Online]

Barrister Chamali Fernando takes legal action against Lib Dem Julian Huppert over wristband row comments [Cambridge News]

Hen party bride-to-be solicitor says Miliband “has my vote” [BBC News]

It’s time to begin our dissent… [Twitter]

Could Uber for lawyers be a thing? [Above the Law]

Man who underwent gender reassignment to become a woman fails in High Court challenge against legal requirement that she must be recorded as the “father” on the birth certificates of her children [Yahoo News]

3D printer helps secure conviction of man who murdered promising teenage footballer [The Mirror]

Getting ahead at the Bar [BabyBarista]

Law GIF [Facebook]

Paralegal with some company secretarial experience sought for leading US law firm [Legal Cheek Jobs]

“By 2020, Magic Circle firms will be offering less than 60 training contracts as compared to 80 today and 120 before the Crisis … Meanwhile, Northshored teams will have grown dramatically and be taking the slack.” [Legal Cheek Comments]