Need legal advice? Would you like chips with that?

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By Thomas Connelly on

Welsh firm opts for fish and chip shop advert to haul in clients


Nelson Myatt solicitors has clearly formed a view of its target market — if nothing else, clients of the Llandudno Junction-based firm must have traditional culinary tastes, which is why the practice has launched an unusual advertising campaign promoting its services at a local chip shop.

Indeed, the firm has placed an advert slap bang in the middle of the chippy’s menu board.

The chip shop — or Archway Restaurant as it prefers to be called — is located in the neighbouring town of Conwy and serves what Legal Cheek understands to be a delicious range of fish, chips, pies — and now, by association, legal services.

Nelson Myatt is clearly excited by this new marketing adventure, tweeting earlier this week:

The high-street firm offers a wide selection of civil law advice, which is clearly listed if punters glance between the mains and the specials on the menu that is pictured above.

However, while the message of expertise in, amongst other things, conveyancing, personal injury and family law jumps out loud and clear, the innovative advertising campaign could create some baffling client testimonials, such as: “Professional at all times, and the cod was cooked to perfection”.

A spokeswoman for the firm told Legal Cheek:

“We are a forward-thinking, innovative and 21st century law firm. We are local solicitors and support our local community and local businesses as much as we can. Archways is one of the best establishments in the area to get great food … we like the ‘plaice’ and we really don’t take our advertising with ‘a pinch of salt’.”