Law school exams are ‘literally worse than having my wisdom teeth extracted’

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By Liz Wong on

Many feel the pain, but one student’s angst over endless hours of revision and rewrites has ended up on the internet


A text conversation between a distressed law student and his friend has appeared on Facebook page “Trust Me, I’m a Lawyer.”

The page — which has amassed a following of more than 230,000 — is a notorious platform for students to share and revel in the everyday burdens of studying the tortuous subject of law.

The infamous texts (pictured above) addressed to Kevin provide an eloquent and fairly detailed explanation for rejecting an offer of a Saturday night out. It includes a thoughtful description of the 70-hour-plus studies as “literally worse than having [one’s] wisdom teeth extracted”.

With more than 600 likes and 55 shares, followers have responded with both criticism and sympathy.

One critic suggests the texter is merely an inexperienced first-year student unable to master the challenge. But most commentators are sympathetic, admitting to sharing similar conversations during dreaded revision.

Yet no-one has commented on the student’s metaphor likening this tumultuous season to hell.