Morning round-up: Thursday 14 May

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By Briana Maguire on

The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts

newspapers4Keir Starmer QC: The arguments against the Human Rights Act are coming. They will be false [The Guardian]

Greeks retreat on Elgin Marbles: Country backs down on challenge to regain sculptures after rejecting advice of Amal Clooney [Mail Online]

Prince Charles ‘black spider’ memos: David Cameron’s bid to keep ministerial discussions secret [Telegraph]

Read the letters in full here []

Ex-public schoolboy, 19, found dead by his barrister father in his £2million London home after injecting lethal cocktail of drugs [Mail Online]

He thinks feminists are “obnoxious bigots”: meet the new justice minister [Left Foot Forward]

Legal LOLs [Twitter]

UK introduced life sentences for killer hackers this month. In Nigeria, it’s the death penalty

Thomas Cook “breached their duty of care” over the deaths of two children in Corfu, an inquest jury has concluded [Sky News]

New mass surveillance laws come to Canada, France, and the United Kingdom, as the NSA may have its wings clipped [Vice]

Map shows where in Europe trans people have rights [BuzzFeedUK]

Residential conveyancer at one of Bristol’s longest established law firms[Legal Cheek Jobs]

“I think one of the problems of law firm culture is the way that it fosters an extreme hierarchy. This in turn promotes or tolerates bullying.” [Legal Cheek Comments]