Morning round-up: Wednesday 27 May

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By Thomas Connelly on

The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts

newspapers2015-cropQueen’s Speech: David Cameron delays scrapping Human Rights Act [The Telegraph]

Human Rights Act supporters bullish ahead of Queen’s Speech []

Queen’s speech: civil liberties under threat, warns Nick Clegg [The Guardian]

History will not forgive us if we fudge Europe reform, says Gove: Justice Secretary’s warning as Poland threatens to block PM’s plans on immigration and welfare [Mail Online]

“The UK is becoming the world leader in censorship”, says obscenity lawyer following porn ID checks proposal [The Independent]

Immigration lawyer who lied to court struck off [Law Society Gazette]

Father forced to fight hospital in courts to keep son alive spends funeral cash on lawyers [The Telegraph]

Gender recognition: what legal recognition and rights can post-operative transsexuals expect in the UK? [Halsbury’s Law Exchange]

Law GIF [Facebook]

Real estate paralegal sought for respected national law firm [Legal Cheek Jobs]

“Organisations, groups or institutions with less credibility than the Guardian: Investment banks, Retail banks, Political Opinion Pollsters. End of list.” [Legal Cheek Comments]