The law student behind this iPhone alarm is clearly destined for great things

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By Briana Maguire on

Happy Monday!


I am not a morning person, far from it. On the spectrum of early bird to night owl, I have always leaned more towards the later. Especially as of late, my go-to morning motivations (blasting music and littering my room with passive aggressive notes about “NO SNOOZE!”) seem to have stopped working .

So this iPhone alarm — kindly sent in to — appealed.

But what if legal threats still fail to get revision-phobic students out of bed?

Well, you could try the nuclear option: an app that charges you money when you fail to rouse. The iCukoo app donates to charity every time you hit snooze. That would get most law students moving.

Briana Maguire is a law student on Queen Mary University of London’s senior status LLB programme.