Welcome to the new Legal Cheek website

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By Alex Aldridge on

It works the same, but shows more stories and looks better

To accommodate the rising number of stories that our growing team of journalists is publishing every day, we have launched a redesigned version of our website.

Since being founded nearly four years ago Legal Cheek has morphed from niche blog (early logo pictured below) to the UK’s leading source of news for law students and junior lawyers. Our irreverent and social media-slanted take on the news is also popular with senior members of the legal profession, with many experienced solicitors, barristers and judges among the regular readers.


Each month the site receives around 150,000 unique visitors, equating to over 400,000 monthly pageviews — double the traffic levels of last year.

Meanwhile, our exclusives and research have been featured in The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, Guido Fawkes, City AM and the Evening Standard.

Alongside the news-focused homepage and jobs sister site, Legal Cheek Jobs, Legal Cheek now has a dedicated careers section and more user-friendly firms and chambers ‘most lists’. We’ve also taken steps to speed-up the site loading times by compressing all our images, which should have a significant impact on the mobile version when being used over 4G.

We’d be interested to know what you think about the new site, so please get in touch with any feedback you fancy sharing to alex@legalcheek.com.

Have a good bank holiday weekend.