Wife of Supreme Court president shocked at age revelation

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Legal Cheek’s story yesterday ruffled feathers with Mrs Neuberger


When we ran our 12 Supreme Court judges through the website we never anticipated the results would cause a stir in the Neuberger household. But, according to her tweet, the chief of the Supreme Court’s wife found yesterday’s report slightly disturbing.

For those who missed it, the website analyses images and then has a pop at guessing the age of the person pictured. Needless to say esteemed Supreme Court judges didn’t fare too well.

It didn’t take long for TV producer and wife of Lord Neuberger, Angela Holdsworth, to spot the Legal Cheek story and quickly take to Twitter to express her dismay.

Holdsworth — who has made numerous documentaries for the EU Commission, Channel 4 and the Beeb — was left disappointed with the website’s analysis of her Supreme Court hubby, whom she married in 1976.


Neuberger — who had previously been a banker at Rothschild before pursuing a career in law — has three children with Holdsworth. Interestingly, all the Neuberger children are practising solicitors.

Hopefully, they’ll fare better with the age-guessing site in years to come.


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