Drug use among lawyers and law students: take the anonymous Legal Cheek survey

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By Alex Aldridge on

Do you take illegal — or even “legal” — drugs?


As the government prepares to criminalise a host of hitherto perfectly respectable products via its controversial Psychoactive Substances Bill — which was yesterday debated in the House of Lords — the awkward relationship between the law and drugs is once again being thrust into the media spotlight.

It is lawyers, of course, who will be responsible for processing the potentially vast numbers of defendants accused of partaking in soon-to-be outlawed “legal highs”.

And as thousands of young people are handed criminal records on the basis of their love affair with cheap air fresheners, expect the mean and nasty legal profession to come under scrutiny.

It’s no secret that some lawyers indulge in drugs from time to time, with reports of their elicit habits occasionally surfacing in the press. Cocaine and marijuana are, for example, said by The Guardian to be “rife” at the criminal bar, while Legal Business magazine has written of “cocaine clubs” in the basement of a leading law firm and a drug-delivery service used by lawyers at all the major London firms.

But to date no publication has ever attempted to delve deeper into these rumours. Our survey below does just that. It takes two minutes to complete and is totally anonymous. Whether you are a law student, a high-flying City partner or a top QC, we’d be grateful for your responses. The results will be published later this week.

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