Morning round-up: Monday 22 June

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By Alex Aldridge on

The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts


Michael Gove issues grammar guidelines to Ministry of Justice staff [The Independent]

Cherie Blair has attacked cuts to legal aid, claiming that barristers are struggling to make a living [Mail Online]

Law threatens to hit the brakes on Uber [Financial Times]

A terrorist suspect has been permitted to remove his electronic tag because he feared it was a bomb — this human rights madness must come to an end [The Telegraph]

Taylor Swift wins praise for her written advocacy [Twitter]

The Law Society recorded a £33m surplus last year [Legal Futures]

End of the corner office: law firm designs its new space for millennials [Washington Post]

ITV threatens legal action against BBC production plans [The Telegraph]

Meet the IT worker and the lawyer who got so sick of the rat race they took their three children to live in a mud house in the shadow of an active volcano in the Andes [Mail Online]

“A lot of people worry that doing an undergrad then GDL shows a lack of commitment to the field — but the truth is, if you’re dedicated and are positive it’s the right career choice for you, it will show.” [Legal Cheek Comments]