Morning round-up: Tuesday 2 June

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By Thomas Connelly on

The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts


The University of Law has been sold for the second time in three years [Legal Cheek]

Top female lawyers say they are treated like assistants at work [Bloomberg Business]

Lord Falconer: government must clean up assisted dying legal mess [The Guardian]

“Sex obsessed” solicitor swindled £600k for escorts and antiques [Daily Star]

Things you own which the legal highs bill is going to make illegal []

A blanket ban on banning blankets? [Twitter]

Asking London’s Human Rights Act campaigners about their favourite human rights [Vice]

Human Rights Act repeal would send wrong signal, says Tory peer [The Guardian]

“Father” and “son” marry each other after legally dissolving his adoption [The Mirror]

Woman breached ASBO over “noisy sex” which woke up neighbours [Mirror]

Law GIF [Facebook]

Privacy paralegal sought for international law firm [Legal Cheek Jobs]

“Because that is exactly how charities should be … My local soup kitchen has instructed Addleshaws on it’s Initial Public Offering. Rumour, and these are only rumours, is that my daughter’s Friday Hot Dog sale group are in talks with venture capitalists.” [Legal Cheek Comments]