Morning round-up: Wednesday 24 June

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By Alex Aldridge on

The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts


A rebellious generation of lawyers who grew up in the “disrespectful” 1960s and 70s has exploited the weakness of politicians to build up its own influence, Lord Neuberger has argued [Mail Online]

Michael Gove: Wealthy lawyers should do more free work for the justice system [The Telegraph]

Can wealthy lawyers really plug the justice gap? [Law Society Gazette]

Whatever happened to the old education secretary? Michael Gove sounds like a new man [The Guardian]

“Absurd” new EU law could mean you’ll face legal action for taking pictures of famous landmarks: Photos could be punished for breach of copyright [Mail Online]

“Yeronna” [Twitter]

Would you pay $22,000 to go to work? Junior lawyers who have “no immediate employment prospects” asked for “investment” to work at legal firm [Mail Online]

“Vampire Woman” — who is a lawyer — complete with fangs and forked tongue appears at body art festival [The Mirror]

Law GIF [Facebook]

Real estate finance paralegal at international law firm [Legal Cheek Jobs]

“The cake might as well say, “PLEASE GIVE ME PUPILLAGE!” Arse-licking at its finest.” [Legal Cheek Comments]