Morning round-up: Wednesday 3 June

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By Thomas Connelly on

The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts


Medieval laws face axe in legal pruning [The Guardian]

David Allen Green: Whatever happened to repeal of the Human Rights Act? [Financial Times]

Man pleads not guilty to stealing his own barrister’s phone [Mail Online]

The new law on legal highs is a bizarre piece of farcically bad drafting which could criminalise nuts, scented pillows, and the smell of flowers [The Telegraph]

Who is US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and how did she convince Sepp Blatter to quit? [International Business Times]

Yet more gavel shame [Twitter]

It’s time to raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility [Halsbury’s Law Exchange]

Top divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardag reveals shocking lengths millionaires go to just to keep their cash from spouses [Mail Online]

Law GIF [Facebook]

Law graduate/Paralegal with excellent excel skills sought for global investment bank [Legal Cheek Jobs]

“Unlike America or France, where kids are taught in school about the constitution and have a basic grasp of law … we have uniquely decided to keep everyone ignorant of law.” [Legal Cheek Comments]