Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Wednesday 15 July

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The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts


Michael Gove could be a great Minister of Justice — but only if he reverses legal aid cuts [The Telegraph]

Court of Appeal backs secret hearings as Government faces IRA and Iran cases [The Independent]

“I thought Leeds was supposed to be the leading legal centre outside of London. Why then are these top City firms choosing Manchester?” [Yorkshire Post]

Joshua Rozenberg: If you encourage someone to kill, are you guilty of murder? [The Guardian]

Top QC’s dog photo spawns #DogsofLaw craze [Twitter]

Beware online words that can lead to a libel charge [Financial Times]

Google’s data leak reveals flaws in making it judge and jury over our rights [The Guardian]

14 ridiculous things you probably didn’t know were illegal [i100]

“I graduated from Harvard Law in 1979. So did I:” How judge realized that he went to law school with defendant who tragically ended up homeless, mentally ill and jailed [Mail Online]

We are hiring: Legal Cheek Careers seeking recent graduate for three-month paid internship [Legal Cheek Jobs]

“I’ve studied both a humanities degree and a law degree. Happy to confirm — lawyers don’t work that much harder than anyone else at University, and they really don’t need to.” [Legal Cheek Comments]