Morning round-up: Monday 17 August

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By Alex Aldridge on

The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts


Chelsea Manning denied access to legal library prior to prison hearing, she says [The Guardian]

Law firms borrow record sums to expand [Financial Times]

Crime-fighting banks hope for protection on money laundering punishments [The Telegraph]

Top divorce lawyer slams chauvinistic attitudes in polo [The Telegraph]

Former Archbishop of Canterbury reveals the tragic tale which persuaded him assisted suicide must be legal [Mail Online]

Lawyer warns of staff violence and inadequate care in private immigrant detention centres [The Independent]

Mohammed Morsi’s lawyer launch appeal against ex-Egyptian president’s death sentence [The Independent]

What it’s like to be a lawyer who hates lawyers [Vice]

“Oooh, this is wonderful”: Bewildered Lord Janner finally goes to court to face 22 counts of child sex offences [The Independent]

Jilted lover who killed her lawyer boyfriend when he dumped her for Miss Ohio is sentenced to 40 years in jail [Mail Online]

“Being an NQ at a firm like S&C is no harder than any other top tier corporate law firm. Long hours and demanding clients and colleagues? Yes. Interesting intellectual work with smart people? Most of the time. Menial repetitive tasks? Sometimes at the junior end. Pound of flesh and ballsack removal? No.” [Legal Cheek Comments]