Oxford University law student jailed for punching woman in nightclub

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A 20 year-old Oxford law student gets nine-months’ porridge after conviction for “sustained assault” on a young woman that left her with a broken nose


A second-year law student’s place at Oxford University hangs in the balance after he was jailed for nine months last Friday following a conviction for an assault resulting in actual bodily harm.

Abdulrahman Abdelsalam attacked a fellow student in Oxford’s Plush nightclub last year, leaving her with a broken nose.

According to online newspaper the Oxford Mail, the jury heard that Abdelsalam — who had been a star schoolboy prior to attending the elite university — became “very aggressive” after the female victim poured a drink over his head.

According to the Oxford Mail, in sentencing Abdelsalam, Judge Ian Pringle said:

You turned to her, becoming very aggressive, and said to her ‘I’m going to **** you up’. She was terrified but had no time in which to move in order to prevent you from punching her full in face

Pringle continued:

It dropped her to the ground and when she got up you continued to hit her on her face.

The victim — fellow student Jeanne Marie Ryan — posted a “no makeup selfie” on her Facebook page after the attack showing the full extent of injuries to her face. Ryan — who was forced to put her studies on hold as a result of the attack — has since raised almost £17,000 for the Oxford Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre after the selfie went viral.

Representing Abdelsalam, barrister Toby Long, from Noble Solicitors in Wembley north-west London, made submissions for a community sentence, claiming the law student had behaved out of character and deeply regretted his actions.

Rejecting that appeal for leniency, Judge Pringle said:

I would be failing in my duty if I were to not pass a sentence today of imprisonment.

Abdelsalam, who lives in Colindale, north London, was acquitted of sexual assault.

A spokesperson for Oxford University told Legal Cheek:

The university regards violent behaviour as unacceptable. Any student convicted of an offence carrying a possible custodial sentence is automatically referred to the university proctors.


Oxford University law student guilty of serious assault on woman in local nightclub [Legal Cheek]



Sounds like they were both naughty. Him even more so.



Why was she naughty?



Drink over his nut weren’t it






Confused about what sexual abuse has to do with it. Was he harassing her or something?


Lawst Cause

One would assume so. That would also explain why she poured a drink over him.



The drink over the head was retaliation for him groping her according to this bbc article –



Interesting that the BBC article mentions that she is an Oxford student, but just says he’s from East London. It’s like they’re trying to accentuate his thuggishness.

I wish they would say it like it is – that people in privileged positions in society can commit disgusting acts too.



Agreed, but possibly had something to do with preserving his anonymity before trial.



Hmm, well this article gives his name. And the article below even provides a picture:

The media doesn’t seem to be valuing his anonymity very highly, in the round.


He’s not a child for goodness sake! The judge can’t issue a S.33 Order! They’re entitled to publish his name and photo.

Quo Vadis

(As an aside, the Oxford Mail suggests he took 14(!) GCSEs. Many bright kids at inner-city schools are encouraged to take on ludicrous numbers of GCSEs solely to puff up the school’s position in the league tables. The practice also bars all but the most exceptional students from actually getting decent grades. Really not best practice at all.)



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Viscount Dilhorne

Not much point in him trying to finish his Law Degree if he wants to become a Solicitor, as the SRA will refuse admission due to his conviction.

Oh hold on, I forgot that they now let in all the flotsam and jetsam…


Gustavo Santos

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Pinching and groping a woman?

What an absolute foreskin.


Captain Skinboat

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More Oinkbridge culture.



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