Trendy London law firm does its bit to tackle erectile dysfunction

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Diversity recruitment agency announcement suggests Olswang has got into the good wood game


There are varying approaches to achieving the goal of broadening the pool from which the legal profession is drawn — and Legal Cheek has been tipped to an absolute cracker.

Diversity specialist recruitment agency Aspiring Solicitors recently trumpeted that it had cut a deal with fashionable London media law firm Olswang. Indeed, the recruiters were not shy in their online announcement, boasting: “Olswang commits to increase diversity in the legal profession.”

How does the firm that also has pride of place in the “partner zone” of the UK’s bastion of right-on-ness, The Guardian newspaper, intend to make good on that commitment? Clearly by raising the profile of a hitherto unsung minority: chaps with todger troubles.

According to Aspiring Sols, Olswang is committed to increasing “access, opportunity and erectile dysfunction assistance to aspiring solicitors from underrepresented groups”.

Not only that, the firm’s diversity inclusion specialist has beefed up her title to include a reference to “hard on oral jelly” just to illustrate how damned committed Olswang is to this project.


Aspiring Solicitors’ announcement went on to describe Olswang as a “leader in technology, media, telecommunications and real estate” — all rather subtle coded language around Soho way for being a dab hand at getting things up that other law firms can’t.

Alternatively, Legal Cheek’s tech advisers have suggested Aspiring could have fallen victims to a cock up (the jokes just keep rolling in) on the “active advertising” front.

Those systems automatically create links between specific words and advertiser sites. Or the site could have been hacked.

Sadly, for some reason the Aspiring Solicitors promotion of Olswang’s commitment to maintaining good wood for Britain has been pulled from its site. Fortunately, Legal Cheek tipster — Richard Brent, editor of Briefing Magazine — immortalised the copy reproduced above.


Tug Benson

This is solid gold LC, well done.



They must be working hand over fist to try to get that page changed


Ollie Trumpington

I think this approach should be lauded, I can’t stand it when organisations flip-flop on serious issues such as this. All credit to Aspiring Solictors for standing firm and not going limp on this matter.


Why are there no lawyers in Skyrim

If you go to Google, then type ‘Aspiring Solicitors Olswang’, then click on the cached results you get a new piece about Olswang and an effort to buy Viagra online.



I always thought that Olswang sounded quite phallic…



hard on oral jelly
and hard on the causes of oral jelly



A firm line needs to be taken about this sort of thing. A hard unyielding approach is required. We must stand up and be counted. Every member must stand firm. Erect the flag of freedom today. But have you got the balls I hear you say? If it’s balls you want then look no further. Virtually everything I say is met with the response: ‘what total and utter balls.’
So onwards and upwards I say – until all our plans have come to fruition … and what a relief that will be.


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