Humblebrags give way to outright brags as latest Legal 500 hits shelves

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By Thomas Connelly on

Trying to be humble on social media is so last year


The time of year is upon us again. In the wake of the release of the new Legal 500 directory yesterday evening, lawyers across the country have wasted no time in taking to Twitter to brag about their success.

In this sense it has been a marked contrast from 2014, when humblebrags were all the rage.

Giving a sense of the prevailing 2015 mood is Littleton Chambers’ barrister John Mehrza, who simply tweeted the new directory’s gushing comment about him.

Others, such as PwC Legal head of global immigration Julia Onslow-Cole and Eversheds’ Paul Verrico, tempered their brags with words like “delighted” and “proud” as they sought to give a vague nod to the concept of humility.

Meanwhile, a few supposedly top lawyers revealed themselves to totally misunderstand the concept of the humblebrag as they delivered straightforward boasts which they juxtaposed with the #humblebrag hashtag. Wait a second, fees for pro bono work..?

And finally, there were the handful of lawyers still humblebragging like it was 2014.

Legal Cheek will forgive all if they donate generously to Sean Jones QC’s billable hour appeal, which currently stands at an unbelievable £185,177.02.

Congratulations to all those who featured this year.