Morning round-up: Thursday 10 September

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By Alex Aldridge on

The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Boss of top legal aid firm vows to never instruct LinkedIn message barrister Charlotte Proudman again [Legal Cheek]

LinkedIn lawyers: Did this man’s weak sexism really warrant perv-shaming? [The Telegraph]

Women’s prospects limited by law in 155 countries, finds World Bank study [The Guardian]

News of the World email hacking case dropped after time runs out [The Guardian]

Solicitor found dead in river had £50,000 credit card debts and his life was “in turmoil” [The Mirror]

Wang Qiaoling’s battle to find missing lawyer husband, Li Heping [BBC News]

The international legal questions raised by drone strike on British citizens [The Conversation]

Amal Clooney continues to fight for human rights in the Maldives… as partner George admits to being a trophy husband [Mail Online]

Prisoner offers life-saving bone marrow to judge who gave him 25 years [Metro]

Leadership by soundbite is fuelling a well-being crisis for in-house counsel [Legal Business]

Crown Court Advocate required at largest criminal firm in England and Wales [Legal Cheek Hub]

“I respect his swag. Very much in the Heisenberg category.” [Legal Cheek Comments]