Morning round-up: Tuesday 8 September

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By Alex Aldridge on

The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Families of ISIS fanatics could now sue Britain for millions over RAF drone strike seen by some as an extra-judicial execution [Mail Online]

Drone strike on British terrorists “could be challenged in courts”, says former Attorney General Dominic Grieve [ITV News]

David Cameron on drone strike: “The Attorney General was consulted and was clear there would be a clear legal basis for action in international law. We were exercising the UK’s inherent right to self-defence” [The Independent]

Right of self-defence central to legal debate over Syria drone strike [The Guardian]

Britain’s top family judge rules that a single father has no rights over his own son and names the surrogate mother he paid £20,000 to as the child’s only legal guardian [Mail Online]

Moving university advert documents refugee’s harrowing journey from child soldier to defence lawyer [The Mirror]

Mum accused of drink-driving after moving car 8ft in her front garden for bin men wins legal battle [The Mirror]

Lawyers clash in landmark televised case in Scotland [STV News]

Billable hour refugee appeal set to hit £150,000 [Just Giving]

Harvard law professor to join the race for democratic nomination for president [Huffington Post]

Top City law firm seeks compliance/regulatory risk paralegal for corporate department [Legal Cheek Hub]

“The best talent will go to the MC and US firms paying 90k+” [Legal Cheek Comments]