Rookie criminal barrister, 34, stands as UKIP London mayoral candidate

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Former police inspector sued London’s Met for harassment — and his brother was recently arrested over a mysterious death


A London-based former policeman turned criminal law barrister — whose brother and chambers-mate was arrested at the beginning of the year in connection with an alleged drugs overdose death — is standing as UKIP’s candidate to be the city’s mayor.

What’s more, he’s a prominent gay rights campaigner, which, rightly or wrongly, is not a description you expect to see in connection with a Faragist candidate.

Richard Hendron (pictured above) spent nine years patrolling the mean streets of Bethnal Green and Ladbroke Grove with London’s Metropolitan Police before qualifying as a lawyer and joining a small set in the capital, Strand Chambers.

Indeed, he parted company with London’s finest on not exactly the best of terms after reaching the rank of inspector. A former senior figure in the Gay Police Association, three years ago, Hendron sued the Met, alleging that he suffered several incidents of homophobic bullying.

At the bar, he focuses on crime, with the chambers website painting Hendron as “a fearless and unconventional advocate”.

It goes on to say:

His understanding of police culture and practice has led many clients to comment on Richard’s ability, particularly when cross examining officers. His ability to expose contradictions and to discredit police officers and their evidence whilst exposing police corruption and malpractice, which ultimately can lead to not guilty verdicts.

You can imagine what the cop shop canteen chatter about him must be like since his change of career.

In line with that spirit of challenging authority and convention, Hendron joined UKIP after defecting from the Conservative Party and wants to be Nigel Farage’s main man in London.


In an interview published a few days ago on the Breitbart London website, Hendron set out his likes and dislikes. In the former category is upstart minicab company Uber.

Hendron told the site:

Uber … embraces the spirit and dynamism of London, through its approach and the cutting edge technology that it uses. It provides Londoners with more choice and provides a welcomed and well-regulated competition, which can only be a good thing for the consumer.

In Hendron’s dislike column are London Underground strikes; he hits out at the unions:

Tube drivers already enjoy a salary package that not only is disproportionate when compared to other public sector workers, but is also the envy of many workers from both the public and private sector. Tube workers have achieved their extortionate salary package by over the years holding London hostage, at great cost to London and great inconvenience to Londoners. Simply this cannot be allowed to continue.

How does Hendron reconcile gay rights activism with membership of a party whose leader was roundly criticised during the last general election debates for stirring panic over HIV healthcare tourism?

He told the website:

I am a libertarian, UKIP is a libertarian Party, that means UKIP and I believe in respecting others and valuing difference.

Hendron continued:

Yes it is correct that I have championed and pushed lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender issues more than anyone else within UKIP, standing up to the party on a number of occasions, but this has been to the benefit of both UKIP and the LGBT community. There is a disconnect between what our values are and what people perceive them to be.

Meanwhile, Hendron’s chambers-mate and brother, Henry, was assisting the rival outfit to bro’s former employer — the City of London Police — with their enquiries last January. He was arrested following the death in his flat of an 18-year-old, allegedly of a drugs overdose.

A spokesperson for City of London Police confirmed that Henry Hendron had been re-bailed until the end of September.



I suspect you overestimate the importance of any lawyer to think they are the subject of “cop shop canteen chatter”.

I can’t imagine officers sitting around their cups of tea analysing the great cross-examining counsel of their experience…



I’d be very interested to hear more about how this gentleman managed to obtain pupillage and then tenancy at his set. His chambers was founded by his own brother and consists of only a handful of barristers (8 now; fewer when he joined as I understand it). It would be quite coincidental if it were the case that the available pupillage was fully advertised (in accordance with Bar Council requirements) and the brother of the founder (and then head) of chambers just happened to be the best candidate (not least with what seems to be an unremarkable CV).


Curious George.

What can the Bar Council do if a chambers fails to advertise a tenancy? Or could a barrister set up his or her own chambers and give two fingers to the Bar Council?



That pupillage was advertised.



Do tell, Mr Hendron?



How did this pupillage matter go uninvestigated by the BSB?



Maybe nobody reported it…



Something for Legal Cheek to investigate further maybe?



That would require them to actually do some proper journalism for once.


‘How does Hendron reconcile gay rights activism with membership of a party whose leader was roundly criticised during the last general election debates for stirring panic over HIV healthcare tourism?’

That is a disgraceful comment – HIV is not restricted to gay people.



“HIV is not restricted to gay people”- no it is not. However, HIV issues (such as access to treatment, ending stigma, safe sex education etc) have been one of the key campaigns of the gay rights movement. It is a reasonable question to ask why someone involved in gay rights activism supports a party whose leader has said that he wants to block foreigners with HIV (this is something that Reagan was criticised for by gay rights campaigners, for example), as this seems (prima facie) to contradict what he has claimed to do before.

Get down off your high horse, stop looking for things to be offended by and learn some history.



Don’t need a history lesson thanks, it’s more a question of logic. The overlap between ‘gay rights activism’ and ‘HIV healthcare tourism’ is limited. The implicit assumption in the statement is that a gay rights activist could not possibly be against ‘HIV healthcare tourism’. That just isn’t true, and trying to fit the two so squarely together is sloppy – there can be a spectrum of opinion amongst ‘gay rights activists’ and the suggestion that ‘HIV healthcare tourism’ sits against fundamental issues of gay rights is (1) wrong, and (2) a gross oversimplification of (a) general issues around HIV, and (b) healthcare tourism. The fact that in a completely different climate 30 years ago Reagan did or did not do something is by the by.


Figel Narage

What an utter non-story. Slow news day, eh LC?



Hmmm slow news day. What shall we do? Ah, UKIP is normally good for provoking a reaction. That’ll get us some comments and traffic.



I’m not sure where this idea comes from that ukip are homophobic. It appears to be a lefty attempt to smear the party.

Ukip had the UK’s first transgender parliamentarian . They appear to have a very lively LGBT scene within the party.


Not Amused

It comes from an insidious idea in politics which goes as follows:

I have had my idea because I am kind – you disagree with my idea – ergo you are nasty – I hate nasty people – I can do anything I like to people I hate

It is an incredibly seductive and dangerous idea. It is pernicious and corrupting. It often leads otherwise decent human beings into doing or saying extraordinarily hateful things. It is to be avoided.



It also has to do with the string of homophobic UKIP Councillors and parliamentary candidates. There is no lefty conspiracy to particularly drag UKIP over the coals. They should stop making homophobic remarks if they don’t want to be seen as homophobic. Here:

There was that time a UKIP parliamentary candidate described gay people as “fucking disgusting old poofters.”

And that time Nigel Farage said that foreign-born HIV+ patients are to blame for sucking the NHS dry of resources.

That time Farage refused to deny that his manifesto’s “conscience clause” would allow businesses to deny service to gay people on the grounds of religious belief.

That time Nigel wouldn’t support gay marriage, saying, “I think we are opening a very big can of worms here.”

That time Roger Helmer, UKIP MEP, said that being gay is “abnormal and undesirable” and not to be “celebrated”, adding it was “not a lifestyle worthy of valid equal respect”.

That time Roger Helmer said the NHS should fund “gay cure” therapy.

That time Roger Helmer compared same sex marriage to incest.

That time Roger Helmer compared homophobia to not liking Early Grey tea.

That time at UKIP Spring Conference where leaflets were handed out confusing LGBT people with vampires, informing us that gays are on a “recruitment drive” for “fresh blood”.

That time an actual UKIP MEP said gay marriage supporters are ” Equality Nazis”.

That time Donald Grewar, a UKIP parliamentary candidate said, about gay marriage, that we need to “stand our ground” against the “fascist perverts” who threaten the “social fabric of our society”.

That time a wannabe UKIP councillor declared “poofters” should be shot.

That time Nigel Farage defended the wannabe UKIP councillor who said “poofters” should be shot.

That time UKIP councillor David Silvester blamed widespread flooding on support for gay marriage, calling homosexuality a ” spiritual disease”.

That time Silvester told us homosexuality can be “cured through prayer.”

That time the UKIP manifesto opposed teaching about gay relationships in primary schools, claiming it would “encourage experimentation”.

That time Lord Christopher Mockton, former UKIP Deputy Leader, pointed out that gay men have over 20,000 sexual partners in their lives, that most gay relationships only last a few hours, and that HIV is gay men’s “wages”.

That time UKIP councillor Iain McLaughlan called it a “tragedy” that Section 28 was repealed.

That time UKIP PPC, Dr Julia Gasper, proclaimed that people “choose” to be gay, and as such need to “stop complaining” about persecution and “start thanking straight people” for giving birth to them.

That time Gasper went on to say, “As for the links between homosexuality and paedophilia, there is so much evidence that even a full-length book could hardly do justice to the ­subject.”

That time Gasper wanted to ban Grindr to stop gay MP’s from “violating democracy.”

That time a UKIP council candidate helpfully informed us that “gay folk” are “being used by forces of evil” to halt the UK Independence Party’s progress.

That time a UKIP councillor hopeful claimed that exercise prevents you “becoming” gay.

That time a UKIP parliamentary candidate accused a gay Lib Dem of “deliberately catching” HIV.

That time a UKIP councillor said he was didn’t understand same-sex relationships, and was “baffled” by lesbians.

That time UKIP PPC for Wallasey, Geoff Caton, wrote “Liverpool pride August 3rd being an arse bandit nothing to be proud of”. I think that’s meant to be an insult.

That time UKIP planned on appointing a “notorious anti-gay Christian preacher” to run in an election.

That time a UKIP candidate complained that a “homosexual donkey” tried to rape his horse.

That time a UKIP candidate said that any immigrants with HIV should not receive free treatment.

That time UKIP activist Jan Zolynaik reckoned “the percentage of homosexuals who molest children is very high and cannot be dismissed.”

That time Nigel Farage made a joke about “fags” at a wedding.

That time a UKIP candidate reckoned Liverpool FC had been cursed by God for “promoting” homosexuality.

That time Douglas Denny, UKIP parliamentary candidate for Portsmouth South and local branch chairman, called gay people “abnormal” and said he wished “they [would] stop trying to ram it down my throat.”

That’s not even the full list of fully cited examples of homophobia that Vice put together:

Perhaps you should get down off your high horse and consider that UKIP contains masses of horribly homophobic people. There are several in the Tories and even in Labour too, but both of those parties have actually done a huge amount for gay rights over the last two decades. UKIP, by comparison, only responds to intense homophobia when it is forced to by negative press.



Ok, but apart from THAT, what makes you think they are homophobic? 😉

(Alternatively: all right, everything sounds homophobic if you say it with THAT attitude)


Quo Vadis

Quite. It often seems like the Left needs the existence of a hate figure to justify its own overblown rhetoric. The BNP has imploded, the EDL has disappeared, so the only thing left to fixate upon is essentially a Eurosceptic version of the Conservative party. (UKIP certainly attracts nutters, being the party on the furthest right of the spectrum – but it still a profoundly Establishment party. I doubt it would even require a referendum on the EU to enter a coalition.)



He is not as bad as his brother, but still remains insufferable. No good can come of the Bar with these two self-entitled, utterly obnoxious , photo happy Richmond boys.



Self-entitled, utterly obnoxious, photo happy Richmond boys? At the Bar? Never.

The Bar would be a very different place without these types.



A better one…



Richard Hendron – Utwit candidate…


Apples & Chairs

I did a course with him once. He was a nice guy, if a bit shy.



I did him once. Concur about the shyness



You “did” him? What sort of liaison did you have??



Very interesting indeed, thanks for this. I wonder if the charges relate at all to his brother’s pupillage – I would have thought they would have been worded a little differently if they did.


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