‘Are you sure I don’t look silly?’ Attorney General’s Twitter jitters over full-bottomed wig pic

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By Alex Aldridge on

Jeremy Wright QC deletes photo — then, after seemingly recovering composure, re-posts it


Even lawyers who have clambered all the way up to the top of government get the fear after posting photos on social media — as the Attorney General showed the world this morning.

Having dressed up in full ceremonial garb to celebrate the beginning of the new legal year (Happy New Legal Year, by the way!), Jeremy Wright QC — for he is the relatively unknown barrister who David Cameron gave the A-G gig to last year — posted a picture of himself on Twitter.

Cue the sneering interjection of legal journalist John Hyde, of the Law Society’s internally produced Gazette magazine, who retweeted Wright’s pic with the caption “And you’re sure I won’t look silly in this? Ok…”

At which point Wrighty — a criminal law specialist who practised from No5 Chambers before getting his government call-up — appeared to get the jitters and deleted it.

Happily, Hyde’s subsequent contrition and praise for the A-G’s look seems to have provided quite a fillip. Returning to Twitter a few minutes later, the Attorney General tentatively re-posted his photo.

And I think we can all agree that the head Tory legal honcho looks delightful in the £2,400 piece of headgear and accompanying fancy dress.