Computer glitch tells London BPP students they’ll have to go to Manchester to graduate

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By Legal Cheek Reporter on

But law school’s boss pledges there’ll be space at ceremonies in the capital


Law students at BPP University’s London centres have reacted furiously after being told that they’ll have to journey over 200 miles to Manchester in order to graduate.

But it has since emerged that the instruction to head north was issued in error.

The unfortunate communications mix-up occurred when the lawyers-to-be last week went to book places at BPP’s November graduation ceremony. To their horror, they received this response:

Dear Students, Due to an unprecedented number of students wishing to attend the graduation ceremony, we have now reached capacity and have closed registration. We do have a limited amount of space left at our Manchester graduation, and if you would like to attend this ceremony please contact the Graduation Team by 5pm on Friday 9th October.

Feeling understandably annoyed at the prospect of a long day on the Megabus — or in some cases, a delightful yet inconvenient first class train experience — the students started bombarding Legal Cheek‘s anonymous tip-off (and free counselling service) email address.

Meanwhile, they also fired off a handful of emails to BPP’s vice chancellor, Carl Lygo.

Happily for all concerned, Lygo moved quickly to explain that the message should never have been sent. The BPP supremo also issued a vow that there would be space for everyone to graduate in London.

Those interested to know more about the minutiae of the situation can read Lygo’s detailed statement below:

We have had a higher than usual volume of students applying to attend our November Graduation ceremonies in London on this last day of booking. The automated booking system has prevented further bookings in London for November due to the high volumes of applications on this last day. We have three ceremonies in London during November and one in Manchester as well as further ceremonies in May next year. The booking system for each Graduation ceremony is open for five weeks and today is our November deadline. We will be ensuring that all of those who want to attend our November Graduation in London get that opportunity. Our students have brought this to my attention and I have responded to them immediately to let them know they will be able to attend.