Full transcript: Incredible Peter Andre High Court judgment lifts lid on mad world of reality TV

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Mr Justice Flaux’s ruling is a must-read for fans of celeb gossip


An explosive judgment involving former 90s heartthrob Peter Andre has lifted the lid on just how unpleasant the life of C-list celebrities can be.

The lengthy ruling — that has just appeared on legal database Bailii — describes in detail the murky world of reality TV and its stars.

The case came about because of a dispute between a production company and ITV. Mr Justice Flaux, sitting in the High Court, had to determine whether Mr H TV productions was entitled to damages after its contract was terminated by the TV channel. Mr H TV boss Neville Hendricks claimed damages consisting of lost profits estimated at £6m-£7m and £549,060 under an outstanding invoice.

Hendricks’ company produced singer-turned-reality TV star Andre’s ‘The Next Chapter’ series and ‘Here To Help’, along with reality projects for singer Kerry Katona. Hendricks worked closely with both singers’ manager, Claire Powell, who he previously had a relationship with, sharing a son. Amid false rumours of an affair between Katona and Hendricks, relationships between all parties began to break down.

The fiery judgment charts some desperate behaviour. For example, at one point in the bust-up Hendricks set up a Twitter account that began to tweet “pretty unpleasant” comments about Andre and Powell’s private lives.

As a result of this, Andre’s representatives wrote to Hendricks’ lawyers stating that he wanted nothing more to do with him or his production company. With ITV’s legal team getting wind of the letter, Justice Flaux believed it was this that acted as the catalyst for Hendricks being given the axe.

The judgment graphically describes how Hendricks reacted to the news of his contract termination, blaming his ex-partner Powell and Andre for putting pressure on ITV. The High Court judgment quotes evidence given by Hendricks’ builder which Legal Cheek would have been interested to hear read out in open court. Paragraph 119 states:

‘The fucking bitch has taken Pete up to ITV behind my back’ and that he wanted to be ‘standing over Claire Powell with my foot on her back and a flag of triumph stuck up her cunt and pull it out of her mouth.

Elsewhere in the judgment, Justice Flaux pulls no punches when he describes Andre — famed for his 90s hit ‘Mysterious Girl’ and recent Strictly Come Dancing role — as an “extremely unsatisfactory witness.”

Justice Flaux continues his devastating critique, thundering:

I suspect that Mr Andre was driven to some of the extremes he exhibited in his evidence out of loyalty to Ms Powell, but that did not make his evidence any more impressive or credible.

Partly as a result of Andre’s poor performance in court — alongside a number of other contributing factors — Justice Flaux ruled that it was ITV who was in breach of contract and not Hendricks.

Speaking to the Mail Online today, Andre said:

I am extremely disappointed that Mr Justice Flaux didn’t accept some of my evidence but all I can say is that I was telling the truth and would never have misled the court in this important matter.



Of course he’s not a credible witness. He also says that frozen prawn rings are a treat to behold



About time Andre is seen as the true fake that he is. Team Katey that’s what I say



“Team katey” how stupid are you for a start it’s spelt Katie not katey! But really grow up yay team Katie, moron


Lord Harley of Bollocks

ITV should have instructed me in this matter. My gown would have been adorned with the war medal I purchased for some poor chap’s military action in the Somme. It has just come back from the engravers with the deceased’s name erased in favour of my own.

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Charlotte Proudwoman

I note that the judge nor either of the counsel were female. Yet more evidence of the oppression suffered by women and the everyday sexism I note from ITV.

Next time I insist that all those with access to the high court are female. Eradicating the existence of men is the only way to ensure true equality.

Please never even glance in my direction lest I feel raped by your eyes.



It’s a stunning pic of Pete though #equality



And have them swoon all over Peter Andre’s ripped abs! I think the slight is against the injustice of the way mr h was fired and not to do with the defendant being female! Did she not turn on Kerry katana spending false rumours? If that is what feminism and being a strong female is all about, I rather continue to let a gentleman open doors for me and be an objective judge!



Insania judgment



He is NOT “Justice Flaux”. His title is Mr Justice Flaux. If you want to abbreviate it, call him Flaux J.

How hard is it? This is a legal website, right?



If Peter Andre can get it right, so can legalcheek


Judgement Dre

Can he appeal it to Judge Rinder?


Ass-Eater LJ

Given that he is the UK’s supreme judicial authority and ranked above the Supreme Court, you can always appeal to Judge Rinder.



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It’s”wouldn’t HAVE” instead of “wouldn’t of”, and Katie is capitalised.

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I was bored and read all the judgement. It’s seriously bizarre! Mr Justice Flaux doesn’t seem to have much judgement in my opinion. Very strange.


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