Judicial gender diversity reaches record high as two more female High Court judges are appointed

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But high of 21% is still very low


Two women have been appointed to the High Court judiciary today, taking the number of female High Court judges to its highest figure ever.

Once the new appointees have been sworn in, the number of female judges in the High Court will be 23 — 21% of the total number of High Court judges. This figure is on a par with the number of female judges sitting in the Court of Appeal.

Before the appointments, women made up 19% of the High Court judiciary — or 21 out of 108. In 2005 there were just ten women. Overall, 25.2% of judges in the courts today are women, and 43.8% in the tribunals.

Circuit Judge Her Honour Judge May QC, 54, and barrister Bobbie Cheema-Grubb QC, 49, have been appointed in place of two male judges, Mr Justice Akenhead and Mr Justice Kenneth Parker respectively, both of whom have retired.

Her Honour Judge May, real name Juliet Mary May, is a former barrister. Called to the bar in 1988 and taking silk in 2008, she was then appointed as a circuit judge in 2008, and was based at Wood Green Crown Court. She was also appointed as a recorder in 2002 and as a legal member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal in the same year.

Mrs Cheema-Grubb is a barrister at 2 Hare Court who specialises in terrorist offences, serious fraud and homicide. She was appointed as a recorder in 2007, and is now the first Asian woman to be appointed to the High Court bench.


Alexander Carter-Silk

I for one am very pleased about this news of more women at the top. I appreciate that this is probably horrendously politically incorrect, but those are two stunning pictures.

They definitely win the prize for the best high court picture I’ve ever seen.


Ms Proudperson




Uncle Toms obviously


Kevin Beach

Erm … Auntie Tomasinas, surely?

If you must make such silly comments, that is.


Charlotte Proudfoot

I agree that these women should not allow their names to be put into the pooblic spess to prop up a patriarchal system. They should be ashamed of themselves. Revolutionary feminism is the only way forward, not window dressing.



“real name”???






Ms Charlotte Proudperson

Noot goot enoof.


Lord Lyle of the Isles

The first two female Barristers ever to have been appointed to the High Court of Northern Ireland has only just occurred.


Lord Lyle of the Isles

There never has been any female High Court judges in Northern Ireland until just recently when the first two were appointed. Denise Bridgeman and Siobhan McKeegan


Lord Lyle of the Isles

Denise McBride (sorry)


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