Junior corporate solicitor quits law to become boxing promoter

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By Thomas Connelly on

Former CMS Cameron McKenna legacy firm man, 29, to use legal skills to emulate Don King


A former corporate lawyer at CMS Cameron McKenna legacy firm Dundas & Wilson has gone public with the story of how he quit law two years ago to become a boxing promoter

In doing so, Sam Kynoch has set up his own fight promotion company called MGM Scotland.

During his student days, Kynoch (pictured below), who is only 29, had a successful career as an amateur fighter with 60 bouts under his belt. The former lawyer even represented his country in the ring.


However, when injury cut a promising career short Kynoch pursued a life in law.

Having bagged a first class law degree at the University of Glasgow in 2008, he was offered a training contract at Dundas & Wilson the following year.

Kynoch spent the next four years at the corporate outfit’s Glasgow office, completing his training contract before working as an associate. At this point his passion for boxing took over once again.

Now, having set up his own boxing promotion company, Kynoch hopes his legal skills will allow him to become Scotland’s answer to Don King.

Speaking to Scottish newspaper the Daily Record, the former lawyer believes his experience in corporate law will give him a unique competitive advantage in the competitive world of boxing promotion. He explained:

I approach boxing in a manner others don’t because they often don’t come from a professional services background.

Kynoch, who still enjoys getting into the ring albeit strictly in a coaching capacity, continued:

Plus my legal background means I can deal with contractual work and venues as well.

Reflecting on his decision to quit law, Kynoch admitted it would be tough to return to life as a solicitor if his boxing promotion company didn’t take off.

It is difficult to hop back in when you have come off a set career path, though, so the way I am thinking is that this venture has to work for me. It is a risk.

However Kynoch, hasn’t cut all ties with the legal world, continuing to earn some extra cash by working as a law lecturer, tutoring on corporate law and legal practice at Strathclyde University. So there’s always an alternative career in legal education open to him if the boxing dream doesn’t come off.