Landlord issues owners of ‘Fuckoffee’ café with legal threat over ‘offensive’ sign

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By Thomas Connelly on

South London coffee shop told to remove sign from exterior of building immediately


Owners of South London-based café “Fuckoffee” have been issued with a legal threat by their landlord, demanding the immediate removal of their “offensive sign”.

The letter — that was issued by London firm SA Law on behalf of the property owner — has now appeared on social media courtesy of the café’s official Twitter account.

The legal threat, received by the Bermondsey café owners earlier this week, claims the rude sign that appears to have been erected without the landlord’s permission constitutes “trespass”.

The strongly-worded letter continues, requesting Fuckoffee owners to:

…immediately remove the sign above the Property shop front “Fuckoffee” and make good any damage caused to the exterior of the building.

If the café owners fail to do so? Well it appears the landlord is happy to go to court, with lawyers telling the coffee shop proprietors:

…our client will have no option but to remove the sign themselves or issue court proceedings seeking an injunction requiring you to remove the sign.

Support for the café has already gained momentum online, with a petition being hastily set up to save the sweary-sign and the British sense of humour more generally.

It’s not clear how “Fuckoffee” owners intended to proceed, but with a crudely drawn penis covering the law firm’s letter head, it would appear they’re taking the matter seriously.

Read the letter in full: