Morning round-up: Wednesday 14 October

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Court charge creates incentive to plead guilty, Bar Council warns [The Guardian]

Britain to cancel “grossly hypocritical” saudi prison contract [BuzzFeed]

Tom Watson letter did not lead to Leon Brittan being interviewed, says CPS [The Guardian]

Is the Labour Party right to abandon its support for George Osborne’s fiscal charter? [City AM]

Lawyers attack offshore tax evasion plans [Financial Times]

Take the Daily Mail judiciary quiz [Twitter]

Is streaming pirate video legal? Europe’s highest court will take a look [The Register]

Head of New York law firm reveals he spent ten years in maximum security prisons for dealing heroin before turning his life around after studying behind bars [Mail Online]

Jay Z attends court as “Big Pimpin'” copyright trial gets underway [Reuters]

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