Police investigate after sex attack on paralegal’s miniature Shetland pony

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By Thomas Connelly on

Tiny horse was found badly injured, with two separate internal injuries


A paralegal has described a sex-attack on her miniature Shetland pony as “disgusting” and “twisted”.

Ashleigh Butterworth, 20, who is a paralegal at Manchester law firm Antony Hodari Solicitors, was left horrified after her two-year-old miniature Shetland called Laurell was discovered badly injured last weekend.

Laurell, who stands just 29 inches tall, suffered two internal injuries, in what the Manchester Evening News is claiming was a “sexual assault by a “perverted thug”.

Butterworth, speaking to the newspaper yesterday, said:

She’s just so small. It’s just disgusting. What sick, twisted person would do that a small animal that’s completely helpless?

The young paralegal — who is pursuing her career via the legal apprenticeship route — believes the attack took place in the early hours of Sunday morning. She continued:

The damage that’s been caused is very obvious and the vet has said something has been used to cause it. If the damage was on the outside, I could say she has been kicked but the damage is in the inside.

Ashleigh, who keeps the tiny horse on a nearby farm along with another called Lego, went on to say:

Everybody at the farm is disgusted. We all love that farm. I’ve grown up there. I’ve been going for years and years.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police confirmed a report had been received concerning an injured miniature Shetland pony.