Police investigate after sex attack on paralegal’s miniature Shetland pony

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Tiny horse was found badly injured, with two separate internal injuries


A paralegal has described a sex-attack on her miniature Shetland pony as “disgusting” and “twisted”.

Ashleigh Butterworth, 20, who is a paralegal at Manchester law firm Antony Hodari Solicitors, was left horrified after her two-year-old miniature Shetland called Laurell was discovered badly injured last weekend.

Laurell, who stands just 29 inches tall, suffered two internal injuries, in what the Manchester Evening News is claiming was a “sexual assault by a “perverted thug”.

Butterworth, speaking to the newspaper yesterday, said:

She’s just so small. It’s just disgusting. What sick, twisted person would do that a small animal that’s completely helpless?

The young paralegal — who is pursuing her career via the legal apprenticeship route — believes the attack took place in the early hours of Sunday morning. She continued:

The damage that’s been caused is very obvious and the vet has said something has been used to cause it. If the damage was on the outside, I could say she has been kicked but the damage is in the inside.

Ashleigh, who keeps the tiny horse on a nearby farm along with another called Lego, went on to say:

Everybody at the farm is disgusted. We all love that farm. I’ve grown up there. I’ve been going for years and years.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police confirmed a report had been received concerning an injured miniature Shetland pony.



Hmm perhaps we should set up a neigh-bourhood watch in case it happens again…



No need for the long face – just horse play I’m sure. But hay, let’s hope it doesn’t happen again as this sort of thing could make poor Ashleigh un-stable.



Why does her legal career have anything to do with what happened to her poor animal. I’m a farmers daughter I live on a 700 acre farm and spend my weekends shovelling poo and on a tractor so what it has nothing to do with my legal career. Cheap shot legal cheek your writer needs to be taught some empathy. It’s disgusting we live In a world sick people attack innocent animals



Cheap shot? Have you read the article? It’s written sympathetically and is not having a go at her. I think you need to be taught to read before firing off random comments.



Oh shut up you tedious berk. If your background has nothing to do with a career then why bore use with the fact your family owns 700 acres.



It’s ok let all the anger out I understand the need to come online hide behind a computer and insult others to make yourself feel better. Just going to zoom round my 700 acres and bore more people with my tedious comments.



Erm, isn’t hiding behind a computer and insulting people what you are doing, “anonymous”?



Hope you have a good weekend shovelling poo


mildly amused

I wait for Not Amused to pipe up as an expert in ponies.



I wait for Not Amused to somehow spin this into a rant about how we don’t need any diversity measures in law or how the UK should leave the EU.



Laurell would have told the police what happened, but she lost her voice. She’s a little hoarse.


Ass-Eater LJ

Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if the pony hadn’t been dressed so sexily.


Ms Charlotte Proudperson

See? This is the kind of twisted thing that MEN do!

They should be abolished forthwith!


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