A Lancaster Uni law student fitness sensation is taking Instagram by storm

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Most-followed law student in UK could soon be earning more than magic circle lawyers


If Lancaster University law student Saffron Sheriff decides against pursuing a training contract she has an alternative career as an Instagrammer waiting for her — and she could soon be earning more than a solicitor at a magic circle firm.

The third year LLBer has already amassed a whopping 24,000 followers on the mobile-only social network thanks to her hugely popular fitness posts.

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Sheriff only debuted on the site 18 months ago, but has already generated a fan base more than double that of Kingsley Napley’s Dave Rowntree (aka the career-changer drummer from Blur), who is the most-followed solicitor on Instagram.

The 23 year-old also puts the most-followed barrister on Instagram, Doughty Street’s Tunde Okewale (latest follower count: 6,948), firmly in his place.

With Instagrammers with over 20,000 followers able to charge around £300 per sponsored post — and the fitness industry a lucrative one that is keen on social media marketing — Sheriff could turn her online presence into a business.

According to new app Takumi, which connects influential Instagrammers with brands looking to partner with them, Sheriff would be able to earn £31,200 by posting two sponsored images a week. Once she reaches 50,000 followers she will apparently be able to charge £750 per post, equating to £78,000 a year. That’s more than a newly qualified (NQ) solicitor at magic circle giant Slaughter and May, where NQs earn £70,000.

And when Sheriff hits 100,000 followers her post charge-out rate will, according to the app, jump to £1,500 — or £156,000 a year. That’s junior partner earnings territory.

But for now there is no evidence of the law student going down this route with hardly a brand name in sight on her feed. To date, Sheriff’s posts have largely focused on displaying her rigorous training regime, which she somehow manages to squeeze in between lectures.

I lead a tough life

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One of the reasons Sheriff is so popular is that she is more than just a fitness blogger, also using Instagram to showcase her other passion, cosplay.

I had so much fun at comic con – I love it!!! This is officially my favourite photo

A photo posted by Saffron Sheriff (@saffronsheriff) on

Sheriff also shares some general lifestyle photos with her army of fans. She is, typically for a law student, addicted to coffee.

But it’s not just images of Sheriff on display. Like all good Instagrammers, her feed contains plenty of food pics as well. As you would expect, it tends to be pretty healthy stuff.

Sheriff also can be found on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.



that meal looks stunning.



Did it occur to you to contact her to find out whether she does actually want to be an “Instagrammer”, rather than basing an article on some pictures and speculation?



This is legal cheek my friend. We never check facts properly and always go for the biggest pull we can. I think she’s a puller, don’t you?


Lord Lyle of the Isles

Call Carter Silk immediately!



Her knife and fork are the wrong way around! This is a painful sight and I think the image should be removed! :S



Not if you’re left handed.


She's right handed

She is right handed: the stick is in her right hand, the costa cup is in her right hand, she chose to flex her right arm, she gripped the squat bar with her right hand, and she was focusing on her right bicep when curling! So, I am afraid, good sir, that the knife and fork are the wrong way around :/



“wrong” according to who? the cutlery police?



That is exactly what I thought…! 🙂



I am right handed and also hold my knife and fork the wrong way. I’m slightly ambidextrous so sometimes forget which hand i’m using for cutlery. Who gives a shit how people hold cutlery. As long as their not licking it off their plate.



I think the OP was a joke. Chill.


Well Leonardo Da Vinci, Charlie Chaplin, Jimi Hendrix, Sir Paul McCartney, Albert Einstein, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Caesar, Aristotle, Marie Curie, Winston Churchill, President George Bush are left handed as well so she keeps in good company.


Alexander Carter-Silk

Sorry chaps. I’ve bagged her already



Sorry pal I beat you to it haha


Boh Dear

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Proof that there is such a thing as too many hashtags.



Ding dong !

Very tasty, in more than one usage of the word.



She looks like a bloke…

Not a stunning picture at all.



You must be a bender, bro.


Lord Harley of Bollocks

She’s a slightly above average looking woman who obviously spends a huge amount of time and effort into her physical fitness. Err that’s it? And she’s a law student. Good for her?

Excuse my while I don’t get a semi like all the other sexless gentleman desperate for a bit of skirt.



Lord Harley of Bollocks. You clearly lack balls as she’s a tidy looking girl. The fact you don’t want to fill your boots makes you questionable.

No homo.



I too am a dickhead



If only this had something to do with law


Ms Proudman

I look so much better… check out and comment on my Catwoman outfit on LinkedIn….



24k is not worth posting about. A friend of mine has well over 100k and nobody gives a shit.

Up your game, LC – you’re better than the last couple of days would have one believing.



I feel conflicted.

Clearly I want to see her naked, but she wrote #beastmode twice in one post, so for that reason I have to give her 7/10.


Charlotte Proudcock

She is exactly what the sexist pigs in the legal profession need.

A strong, gorgeous, Amazonian woman who will use her muscular prowess to emasculate the male groats.

I’m sure she knows want she wants and she gets it in spades.


Ms Communication

Absolutely, I agree with this statement wholeheartedly!



This post has been removed because it breaches Legal Cheek’s comment policy.



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She is a brat.



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Will pay top dollar$.



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Shirreffss – Well if I had a mental unstable sister like Saffron I think I would be a total bitch as well.



She’s actually really nice in real life, she put me up for a few days when I moved to Lancaster for school and didn’t have a flat, and she fed me loads of food



I stayed with her too for a weekend while I got set up!



Lancaster University is presumably ex public convenience with “university” status. Not a patch on Keele.



Irrelevant, can we focus on her hotness instead.



Yeah..though averages in the top 10 in all major league tables. Unlike Keele.



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