Amal Clooney thinks £450,000 engagement ring is too fancy for legal London

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By Katie King on

A-lister’s rock costs more than many of her Doughty Street colleagues’ homes


Hotshot barrister Amal Clooney is trying to shake off her recently acquired celebrity status by ditching her £450,000 engagement ring — but only in the courtroom.

The rookie human rights lawyer, 37, has decided instead to opt for a simpler piece of jewellery, after reportedly voicing concerns that the seven-carat diamond ring might distract from the seriousness and importance of her work.

A source close to Clooney told The Mirror:

People constantly stop her and admire [the ring] for a closer look. It is a massive rock and there is no hiding it.

The source did not specify whether those people included chambers colleagues, many of whom live in homes that cost less than the rock on Clooney’s finger.

Clooney is, of course, a junior barrister at London-based set Doughty Street Chambers. An Oxford and New York University grad, she began her legal career at US corporate firm Sullivan & Cromwell before later moving to London to become a barrister. This all happened long before she got together with George Clooney and shot to tabloid stardom.

And it seems the fame may be getting to Clooney, who is now reportedly toning down her look for what is already a very elite profession.

The barrister has no plans to chuck the ring, which was a gift from her husband. The Mirror’s source continues:

She absolutely loves the ring and won’t be getting rid of it but she just wants something simpler for her big cases.

Clooney has represented the likes of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko. But she is no stranger to humbler work. According to her chambers profile:

Amal has defended clients in criminal cases in Magistrates Court and Crown Courts in London. This includes cases involving violent, sexual and financial crimes.

Is it normal for barristers to worry about their rings in court? Legal Cheek contacted top criminal barrister Felicity Gerry QC, of 36 Bedford Row Chambers, for her take on the matter. She told us:

It’s sad that she has to make announcements as no doubt there would be cruel speculation about her marriage. It’s ridiculous to make headlines — it doesn’t happen to male barristers about what they wear. I wear my engagement ring and some other sentimental rings. None are very expensive but I don’t think it matters at all. The idea is that barristers should not be showy as it’s about the case not the client but taking this to include an engagement ring is a step too far in my view. However, I have had a threat in a case to chop my fingers off (nothing to do with jewellery) so there are some cases where I might think about self protection.

Clooney has reportedly requested a platinum band from Cartier. But with a celeb status like hers, we’re not sure swapping rings will fool anybody.