‘I want to be a lawyer — but not a corporate lawyer: is there hope for me?’

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The message from law fairs is that it’s City law or bust


In the third of our new series of career conundrums, a final year law student on track to graduate with a first class degree asks Legal Cheek readers what options are out there for students that aren’t interested in corporate law.

I’m a final year student at a Russell Group university, and time is ticking for me to decide what to do next. I’ve never been interested in commercial law: I did some work experience at a big City firm when I was younger and I hated it. Even the salary doesn’t sway it for me. Instead I want to forge a career in a more ‘human’ area of law, like criminal law, but I don’t feel there’s any information out there for people like me. Law fairs and university events are a waste of my time as they are so focused on corporate law, and I can’t even find information online. How do I go about bagging a training contract in a criminal law firm?

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