Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Monday 2 November

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Shaker Aamer: Guantanamo detainee seeks US apology [BBC News]

New internet snooping law will not ban WhatsApp and Snapchat [The Mirror]

Prince Harry has reportedly told friends he is appalled at the “ludicrous” sentence handed to a Royal Marine sergeant convicted of murdering a Taliban captive [The Telegraph]

Blair denies ministers were told to “burn” Iraq war legal advice [The Guardian]

Anger over Merseyside Police Twitter rape joke [The Independent]

Who are the High Court judges? [Financial Times]

“19th century” Crown Courts letting down victims of crime [The Guardian]

Human Rights Watch says Egypt has unlawfully prevented ‘scores’ of people from travelling [Fox News]

What is a “turnip-ghost”? [Jack of Kent]

The rule of law is being usurped by the rule of lawyers [The Spectator]

That law student life [Facebook]

“The solution is to have national standards and universal testing. Certain unis would find themselves not awarding any firsts and very few 2:1s if that were to happen …” [Legal Cheek Comments]