Judge allows pet cat to ’emotionally’ support defendant at court

Defendant’s feline friend observed court proceedings from a shopping trolley


An alleged stalker has adopted a unique method to calm his courtroom jitters — bringing his pet moggy to the hearing.

Judge Charles Gratwicke gave the defendant, Aiden Wiltshire, 72, permission to bring his cat Taylor into Chelmsford Crown Court. The black cat — notoriously unlucky — was wheeled into the courtroom in a shopping trolley.

Wiltshire is reported to have sat in the dock, stroking his trusty companion as the cat watched proceedings from his trolley.

Gavin Burrell, defending Wiltshire on two charges of stalking, said his client was “someone who suffers with health issues and is emotionally supported by his cat”. He continued:

It’s a crutch which he relies on. It’s in a basket and not roaming free. I appreciate it sounds somewhat odd but there’s documentary evidence that the cat does provide emotional support for the defendant to cope.

The story has prompted a mixed reaction from keen legal commentators among the Twitterati.

Rebecca Herbert, from 36 Bedford Row, applauded the judge’s actions, tweeting:

Whilst Olivia Potts of 5 Paper Buildings was less convinced that her cat would provide the emotional support needed to get through a criminal trial:

Wiltshire is yet to enter a plea and his case has been adjourned until the new year.

As the defendant left the court, the judge joked “don’t let the cat out of the bag”. See — judges are people too.



Lies. Judges are not people. Have you never been to St Albans County Court?


No. What’s sexist is me pointing out that from the picture she posted it would appear that Olivia Potts has nice tits


And a cute pussy that I’d love to stroke. (Now that really is sexist)

Disgusting of Tonbridge Swells

Tweet that and gamble your career…

Go on… I dare you!


I would but twitter is sexist.
Birds tweet
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This could catch on in contract disputes. It may assist with the interpretation of a difficult claws.


Ms King sinks even deeper. Good luck bagging a TC after penning this utter wanktosh.

Kitty King

Hey! You’re the one reading this!

LC is the profession’s Private Eye.

If you want something dry, academic and boring go elsewhere!

Gus the Snedger

Does this moggie have rights of audience?

Has it even passed the BCAT?


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