Do I need to chop off my pink tips to ace my TC interview?

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Trendy haircuts and law firms


In the latest instalment in our career conundrums series, a law student who bagged a first from a top university asks Legal Cheek readers for advice on whether her trendy pink hair will stop her bagging a training contract.


I’ve got a couple of training contract interviews lined up and I’m very excited. I’m on track to get a first from a top university and have two vac schemes, a ton of work experience, and loads of extra curricular activities under my belt. I’m sure I’m going to ace at least one of my interviews, but the main thing that’s worrying me is my appearance. I have long blonde hair with bright pink tips, and generally tend to dress quite casual. Obviously I’m not planning on showing up in a tracksuit, but I’m not sure where the boundaries lie. I’ll chop off my locks if I have to but would rather not, so will the interviewers see through it?

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